Open Eyes

Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, 
not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time.  
– Martin Luther
Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus.  – Luke 24:31a
Happy Easter Y’all! 
Welcome back to the spring term! I hope you had a great week of rest and relaxation. I also hope you had time to reflect and worship during Holy Week and that your Easter weekend was filled with signs of resurrection hope!  I know we don’t really have a calendar date for the first Easter, but I’m glad that the wise folks who set up our church calendar chose to celebrate the resurrection during springtime. I agree with Luther’s sentiment above – it is hard to ignore the promise of hope and new life when surrounded by signs of greening gardens, blossoming trees and blooming flowers. Each bit of color adds hope and a bit of joy. While the long winter can hold promises of a quieter nature, encouraging us to have hope in the midst of long dark nights, reminding us to look for stars and in-breaking Light, the Spring time seems to be boldly, in-your-face, SHOUTING the promise of LIFE abundant!!! I hope and pray that we have eyes to see signs of the Risen Lord all around us.

As we kick off this term, bring your calendars with you so that we can firm up dates for a retreat, set up weekly Bible Study (or maybe even revive Presby Pub), and also you can let me know the best times to be in the coffee shop – it’s all up to you. Let me know what YOU want this spring! 

In the meantime, I’ll be holding you all in my prayers and looking forward to catching up soon!  

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!  Christ is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!

Easter blessings,
Tuesday, April 2
5:30 pm  Supper with Substance – We’ll meet at Central Presbyterian’s Parlor (corner of 15th & Patterson, enter off the alley).  This week we’ll enjoy some yummy food from Soup Nation and catch up with one another after spring break!
Wednesday, April 3
6:15  – 7:30 pm Worship on Wednesdays –  Westminster Presbyterian located at the corner of Coburg & Harlow Roads.  Worship on Wednesday, or WOW for short, is a great opportunity to share a meal and a brief worship service in an informal, friendly and personal setting.  Each Wednesday, dinner is served at 6:15 in Fellowship Hall , and a 20-30 minute worship experience begins a 7:00.  Each week of the month there is a different worship experience AND students eat dinner for free.
Sunday, April 7
10am – Worship at Central Presbyterian (15th & Patterson) 
10am  – Worship at Peace Presbyterian (3060 River Road)
10am -Worship at Westminster Presbyterian (Corner of Coburg & Harlow Roads)

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