Little things

Many waters cannot quench love,neither can floods drown it.
– Song of Songs 8:7a

The doing of something productive regardless of the outcome is an act of faith. The doing of a small something when a large something is too much for us is perhaps especially an act of faith. Faith means going forward by whatever means we can. – Julia Cameron

I hope you made it through this weekend that marks the very middle of the term well and are ready to move forward with perseverence.  In the midst of mid-terms and grad school applications, of tests and papers and piles of reading, we hear reports of a super-storm and its after-effects on the east coast and a major earthquake in Canada with tsunami – like after shocks as far reaching as Hawaii and Alaska. Sometimes, it is easy to feel like the problems in our own life, much less those of the world, are too big and we are so very small. Remember that we are not called to fix everything alone. We are called, rather to be the people we were created to be to the best of our ability and to love as much as we can  and to all of that in community. It may feel small, but whatever we do, offered in love, really does make a difference. So,  do what you can, even if it feels small in the face of big problems, issues, situations, etc. Whether that means doing your best as a student, or helping out a friend, or offering a prayer for those in need – do it in love, as an act of faith, trusting that God will use what you offer to bless others. As we pray for those affected by storms, whether they are of the wind and rain variety or the kind brought on by stress, depression, anxiety, fear, addiction or broken relationships – remember that while we might feel small, the God we serve is bigger than all of our concerns and has promised peace and love and hope.
There are some opportunities to get together with other folks this week listed below. If none of those work for you, gimme a call and let’s grab a cuppa!
Blessings y’all,


5:30 pm  Supper with Substance – We’ll meet again at CENTRAL PRES (corner of 15th & Patterson, enter off the alley) to stay warm. We’ll enjoy a yummy meal cooked by K-Center Alums Trevor & Laura Whitbread!  Following dinner we’ll have time to talk and pray together and enjoy some seasonal treats (no tricks :-)!
6:00pm -7ish- Worship on Wednesdays @ Westminster – located at the corner of Coburg & Harlow Roads. This is a short mid-week contemplative worship service. If you wish, there is also a light meal before the service which you are welcome to attend – college students eat free. Meal at 6, worship starts around 7.
10pm -??? – Presby Pub Night  – all students 21+ join us for Bible Study and conversation at the 19th Street McMenamin’s – happy hour is dutch treat!
2 – 3:30ishBUZZZZZZ hours  – come by the coffeehouse in the basement of the EMU for a coffee, tea, etc. and some conversatiion.
8:30am -Worship at Westminster Presbyterian (Corner of Coburg & Harlow Roads)
10am – Worship at Central Presbyterian (15th & Patterson)  – Potluck following worship  – free lunch for students. Church will provide soup and members will bring salads and bread.
10am  – Worship at Peace Presbyterian (3060 River Road)
11am -Worship at Westminster Presbyterian (Corner of Coburg & Harlow Roads)

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