Every good gift, every perfect gift , comes from above. 
These gifts come from God, the creator of heavenly lights, 
whose character does not change like shifting shadows. ~ James 1:17

Gratitude opens a crack in consciousness that lets grace in. – Harry Palmer

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you,
it will be enough. – Meister Echkhart
Here we are friends, the next to the last week of the term or as some call it week #9 or perhaps you prefer to think of it simply as Thanksgiving week.  In any case, while final exams still loom, you have almost completed the work you began not so very long ago in September.  I know many of you are also working hard on applications for summer jobs, internships and graduate school.  But this short week gives us all a chance to take a deep breath before that final week of classes and exams.

Thanksgiving gives a chance to pause in the middle of the hurry and worry and remember all that we have. It gives us a chance to shift focus from all that remains to be done, from all we hope to accomplish, from all that pulls us in a myriad of directions. This holiday gives us the gift of gratitude. It allows us to take notice of all the blessings that surround us. To take this break, or the day, or at least a moment or two during the day to reflect on all we have been given; to remember we are richly blessed; to make the time to count our blessings and give thanks for them. Gratitude is a powerful spiritual discipline. It shifts our focus from what we want, what we do not yet have to what we have been given, what is here now to be enjoyed. It opens our eyes and hearts to those with whom we may share what we have been given. It humbles our hearts as we thank those people, and ultimately our God for providing so richly for us. 

This week I give thanks for each of you and the gifts you bring simply by being who you were created to be. Thank you and thank God for you!

We’ll be gathering Tuesday night for dinner and prayer time before y’all head home for the weekend. I look forward to seeing all of you then. I’ve also listed the Sunday services for the local Presbyterian churches in case you’ll be in Eugene for some or all of the break. 

Peace y’all,
WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2012
5:30 pm  Supper with Substance – We’ll meet again at CENTRAL PRES (corner of 15th & Patterson, enter off the alley) to stay warm. Following dinner we’ll have time to talk and pray together.
8:30am -Worship at Westminster Presbyterian (Corner of Coburg & Harlow Roads)
10am – Worship at Central Presbyterian (15th & Patterson)
10am  – Worship at Peace Presbyterian (3060 River Road)
11am -Worship at Westminster Presbyterian (Corner of Coburg & Harlow Roads)
Rev. Jennifer Martin
Campus Pastor & Executive Director
Presbyterian Campus Ministry at the University of Oregon
1414 Kincaid
Eugene, OR 97401
cell: 541.221.6527

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